Indonesian Lessons in 2015

This year in Indonesian, I will be teaching using TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input). This method is gaining popularity very quickly around the world and particularly in America where their curriculum endorses that teachers must speak Indonesian (or French, Spanish in their case) for no less than 90% of each lesson.
Using TCI this year means that I will be teaching in a way which almost exactly replicates the process by which each child learned his/her first language. They will be in a language rich environment made understandable (comprehensible) through the use of body language, visual aids and with lots of repetition through mainly story based activities. Through this method, students will acquire a solid foundation of useful vocabulary and everyday language.
So that ALL students experience success learning and understanding Indonesian to a far greater level than was done previously, expectations in the Indonesian classroom will be strictly enforced. Students will be expected to be fully focused and attentive at all times during lessons. Thus it is vital that all students demonstrate respect; not just for their own learning and the learning of others but also towards their teacher! I will be a learner too this year!
It will be a very exciting year in the Indonesian classroom. As usual, visitors to the Indonesian classroom are always welcome, so feel free to pop in and join us for a lesson or three. Your child will love the chance to perform for you! If this isn’t an option but you would like to learn more about this method, then the following YouTube videos of Dianne Neubauer (a primary Chinese teacher) teaching her parents Chinese are brilliant.

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