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Welcome to the PEPS Indonesian Allstars Blog.

Thank you for visiting. Originally this blog was designed as a platform to share with other schools and students about the amazing achievements of PEPS students, but from 2020, the aim is flipping and will now offer online Indonesian learning opportunities for PEPS students.

All comments and feedback welcome.

Salam dari,

Bu Cathy


13 thoughts on “About this Blog….

  1. Many times, for I started the first 14 years of my life there! Bali is my favorite place on earth; it holds so many memories. Vacationed there plenty of times growing up, honeymooned there as well.

    • Where abouts in Indonesia did you grow up? Do you still have family there? I have family in Bali so it too is very special for me. Great to meet you!

      • Likewise, very nice to meet you! Yes, I still have family in Indonesia, scattered about, but I grew up mostly in Surabaya. I’ll be checking out your “jalan jalan.” Have a great day!

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  3. Greetings from the US, Ibu Cathy. Nice blog! I will be returning to read some more. I grew up in Indonesia and Malaysia; now residing in a rural town in the USA. I found it rather hard to be consistently speaking and teaching Indonesian to my two year old son 🙂

    • It is hard but it will be do worth it in the future. Both my children speak Indonesian and it gives me so much pleasure especially with family in Indonesia. To make it easier, can you watch Indonesian cartoons, children’s tv programs together? They say this is a great way for youngsters to learn their parents mother tongue.
      Berasal dari mana mbak?
      Salam Dari Australia.

      • I was born in Central Java. I am glad to hear your children speak Indonesian. I’ll try to be more consistent in my effort to speak Indonesian with my son. Thanks for tips 🙂
        There are no other Indonesian to speak with in my community. My husband doesn’t speak it either.

      • Di Jawa mana? Kalau mau lihat blog kedua saya, cari Jalan Jalan dengan Bu Cathy!! Baru bulan Desember saya di Surabaya satu minggu!
        It really is hard to speak to your children in your mother tongue when those around you don’t speak that language!! Actually it is hard too even when they do! Both my parents speak Indonesian and they rarely speak to my children in Indonesian!!
        I’ve read about several people in the States who are also trying to raise a bilingual child. The other thing they recommend is reading to your child – if you don’t have any Indonesian children’s books, just translate any book from the library!! Predictable ones are the best. Eg. Spot (ada buku spot di USA?)
        PS boleh saya tanya, do you have a favourite Indonesian tongue twister eg kuku kakekku kaku that would be good for young kids?

      • A small oil town in Java. It’s not very well known. However, some of my family still live in Yogya. That’s where we go and visit usually. I have tried reading English book and translating it to Indonesian. He comprehension is not as good as in English, but I’ll keep up with it 🙂
        I know I’m rather slacking because it requires more effort. I have not been using Indonesian regularly since I was adolescent. I will try the tongue twister with my son. I will definitely check your other blog. Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

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