Story Asking With Junior Primary


In Indonesian lessons, junior primary classes for the past few weeks have been making up stories based on vocabulary needed for our Twilight Pasar coming up in 2 weeks.

Mr Cordy’s year 1/2 class enjoyed filming each other with iPad’s. Enjoy watching their acting of the story they made up together! Haven’t they come a long way with their Indonesian?






Terlalu Kecil, Terlalu Besar atau Pas (Too Big, Too Small Or Just Right)

This term middle and upper primary students have been learning the structures:

terlalu besar – too big

terlalu kecil – too small

pas – just right (fits perfectly)

To further consolidate the language, we dressed up teddies this week and it was a huge hit! Just about each class wrote a tweet about this as it was so much fun. Follow us on twitter @PEPSindonesian.

In groups, students chose a teddy and then a given number of clothing which they dressed their teddy in. The whole group then had to agree whether the clothing was terlalu besar, terlalu kecil atau pas.


terlalu besar!





terlalu kecil!

terlalu kecil!

Bridge Project – Connecting Australian Schools with Asia

Over the past 2 weeks, we hosted Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza, two teachers from North Sumatra, Indonesia. They had a wonderful time meeting us all and working in our classes. In September, Mrs Roberts and Bu Cathy will be visiting them and meeting their staff and students. We are really looking forward to it!!
Here are just a few of the things Pak Pahot & Ibu Eliza did while visiting our school and region:

IMG_9678Ibu Eliza helping Mrs Simon’s Reception class learn how to count to 5. Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima.

IMG_9686Teaching the year 6/7’s about the 7 Indonesian presidents.


IMG_9705teaching year 1’s and 2’s about native Indonesian fruits like durian and rambutan.

IMG_9698Students from Mrs Warners class tried a mystery skype with Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza to discover where exactly in Indonesia they came from. See here for more details.

IMG_9732Performed the traditional Totor dance at assembly which had us all spellbound.


IMG_9742Making book creator projects with Mr Blackers year 5 class.

IMG_9731joined in PE classes

IMG_9799Sampai Jumpa and terima kasih Pak Pahot dan Ibu Eliza.

Indonesian Lessons in 2015

This year in Indonesian, I will be teaching using TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input). This method is gaining popularity very quickly around the world and particularly in America where their curriculum endorses that teachers must speak Indonesian (or French, Spanish in their case) for no less than 90% of each lesson.
Using TCI this year means that I will be teaching in a way which almost exactly replicates the process by which each child learned his/her first language. They will be in a language rich environment made understandable (comprehensible) through the use of body language, visual aids and with lots of repetition through mainly story based activities. Through this method, students will acquire a solid foundation of useful vocabulary and everyday language.
So that ALL students experience success learning and understanding Indonesian to a far greater level than was done previously, expectations in the Indonesian classroom will be strictly enforced. Students will be expected to be fully focused and attentive at all times during lessons. Thus it is vital that all students demonstrate respect; not just for their own learning and the learning of others but also towards their teacher! I will be a learner too this year!
It will be a very exciting year in the Indonesian classroom. As usual, visitors to the Indonesian classroom are always welcome, so feel free to pop in and join us for a lesson or three. Your child will love the chance to perform for you! If this isn’t an option but you would like to learn more about this method, then the following YouTube videos of Dianne Neubauer (a primary Chinese teacher) teaching her parents Chinese are brilliant.

Buddy Work in Indonesian Lessons

I just love watching students working collaboratively together and when the students ages and capabilities are very different, it is even more satisfying.
This week, junior primary classes are completing their becak models. A ‘becak’ is a form of transport found in many places in Indonesia (not Bali & Jakarta) and they are lots of fun to ride in. We are talking about them because the book R – 2 students have been reading this term, “Guru Kami Pak Budi” (Our Teacher, Mr. Budi),a book about the ways in which Pak Budi gets to school over the week his motor bike is ‘rusak’ (broken). He travels by becak, by horse and cart (delman), by car, by pushbike and even walks one day! All forms of transport were familiar, or are ones they had heard of at least, except for the becak.
Here is a picture of a becak:
20140701-130647-47207674.jpgimage courtesy
As you can see, it is half bike and half carriage.

Over 2 weeks, students have coloured in their becak model



then this week we cut them out and constructed them
…..either independently (years 1-2)


…….or with help from their buddies (receptions).




A lovely way to complete the term!