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I teach Indonesian at a smallish rural school on the south coast of South Australia. I have been teaching Indonesian since 2002 and all but one of these years has been at my current site. I am extremely fortunate in that I am a member of a very supportive Indonesian teacher hub group. We recently discovered TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) and have been using it in our classrooms since the beginning of the 2015 scshool year. It is a methodology which resonates with us because it provides students with narrow and deep language learning.

Welcome to Online Indonesian Learning!

This blog has been inactive for some time, but that is about to change!! Check here regularly because I will be adding all sorts of ways that you can both keep up your amazing Indonesian as well as make it even better!!

I am also looking for ways that we can stay in touch online, so start thinking of ideas. At this stage, I am definitely going to be making lots of story videos s and if you or your pet would like to star in the stories, check with your parents and stay tuned for information on how you can send me a photo safely. Here is a singing video I made using a photo of Jade & Zoe’s cat.

Sing by echoing each line and filling in the pauses.

Here is another video about Oscars cat (kucing).

For more videos, head to my YouTube channel (Bu Cathy) and when you get there, ask your parents if you can subscribe so that you can get notifications every time I upload a new video!!

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Story Asking With Junior Primary


In Indonesian lessons, junior primary classes for the past few weeks have been making up stories based on vocabulary needed for our Twilight Pasar coming up in 2 weeks.

Mr Cordy’s year 1/2 class enjoyed filming each other with iPad’s. Enjoy watching their acting of the story they made up together! Haven’t they come a long way with their Indonesian?






Indonesian Visitors

Last Thursday 5 classes were fortunate to have Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana join our lessons. Pak Yoedha lives locally and visiting him for a couple of weeks were his sister and his 10 year old niece. Pak Yoedha & Bu Dian are the first non teacher Indonesian adults to visit our school in a long while, if not ever! For the first 4 lessons, they joined in with the students and then for the last lesson, they taught us how to play bekel. It is a lot like knuckles but with the added complication of a ball!


The game is played with 6 ‘knuckles’ and a small boucing ball. It is very tricky with the complication of collecting the knuckles in the space of a bounce of a ball. Like knuckles, the knuckles are collected firstly singularly, then in pairs, then in multiples of three, four, five and finally six! image

A great way to finish off a lovely visit. We all agreed that we hope Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana come and visit us again when they are next in Australia!

Week 8 Stories

Last week upper primary and middle primary classes created stories. While the class were deciding on the story details, a few students acted each detail out. We also had one student drawing the action and another writing the story as it came together. Here are some of the stories and the illustrations:

Year 5/6 Roberts/Bernauer

Ada perempuan. Nama perempuan SpongeBob. SpongeBob pakai jilbab bagus sekali. SpongeBob bertemu Gary. Gary mau jilbab SpongeBob. Gary pakai rok. Gary kasih SpongeBob rok. SpongeBob pakai rok tetapi tidak kasih Gary jilbab.

SpongeBob bertemu Patrick. Patrick punya hamburger. Patrick kasih SpongeBob hamburger dan SpongeBob makan hamburger tetapi tidak kasih Patrick jilbab.

SpongeBob bertemu Squidward. Squidward pakai sarong. SpongeBob mau sarong Squidward. SpongeBob kasih Squidward rok tetapi Squidward tidak kasih SpongeBob sarong.

Year 5 Blacker

Ada perempuan. Nama perempuan Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana pakai sarong. Sarong Hannah Montana bagus sekali.

Hannah Montana bertemu Katy Perry. Katy Perry pakai jaket. Jaket Katy Perry lumayan. Katy Perry mau sarong Hannah Montana. Katy Perry kasih Hannah Montana jaket. Hannah Montana pakai jaket dan Hannah Montana tidak kasih Katy Perry sarong.

Hannah Montana bertemu Prince William. Prince William punya hamburger. Hannah Montana mau hamburger. Hannah Montana kasih Prince William sarong. Prince William pakai sarong tetapi tidak kasih Hannah Montana hamburger. Hannah Montana kasih Prince William jaket. Prince William pakai jaket dan tidak kasih Hannah Montana hamburger. Prince William makan hamburger.


Year 4 Blake

Ada perempuan. Nama perempuan Jessie J. Jessie J pakai sarong. Sarong Jessie J bagus sekali. Jessie J bertemu Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus pakai jaket. Jessie J mau jaket Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus mau jaket Jessie J. Miley Cyrus kasih Jessie J jaket. Jessie J pakai jaket dan tidak kasih Miley Cyrus sarong.

Jessie J bertemu Superman. Superman punya hamburger. Jessie J mau hamburger. Jessie J kasih superman sarong. Superman tidak kasih Jessie J hamburger. Jessie Jay kasih Superman jaket dan Superman pakai jaket. Superman tidak kasih Jessie J hamburger, Superman makan hamburger.


Year 4 Reedy

Ada laki laki. Nama laki laki Bob. Bob pakai sarong bagus sekali.

Bob bertemu Jeff dan Jeff mau sarong. Jeff pakai jaket bagus sekali. Jeff mau sarong Bob. Jeff kasih Bob jaket tetapi Bob tidak kasih Jeff sarong.

Bob bertemu Guy Sebastian. Guy Sebastian punya hamburger. Bob mau hamburger. Guy Sebastian kasih Bob hamburger dan Bob makan hamburger.


Here are some photos from the ‘Tukang Foto” (photographer)



Draw & Guess – Storytelling in the Indonesian Classroom

In Indonesian this term we have been focusing on this story:

Ada perempuan.

Nama perempuan Lucy.

Lucy dingin.

Lucy tidak punya jaket.

Lucy mau pakai jaket.

Lucy lihat laki laki kecil.

Nama laki laki Will.

Will punya jaket tetapi jaket Will terlalu kecil.

Lucy lihat Pak Hudson.

Pak Hudson pakai jaket tetapi jaket Pak Hudson terlalu  besar.

Lucy lihat Jane.

Jane punya jaket dan jaket Jane pas.

Jane kasih Lucy jaket.

Lucy berkata, “Terima kasih Jane.”

Jane berkata, “Sama sama.”

Today a few students drew pictures either from this story or from their class’ adaptation of the story. Here are some of the drawings and can you guess which line from the story above they illustrate?











Here are a few from the tweaked stories:

Lucy mau anjing.

Lucy mau anjing.

Lucy mau anjing

Lucy mau anjing

Lucy kurang baik

Lucy kurang baik

Terlalu Kecil, Terlalu Besar atau Pas (Too Big, Too Small Or Just Right)

This term middle and upper primary students have been learning the structures:

terlalu besar – too big

terlalu kecil – too small

pas – just right (fits perfectly)

To further consolidate the language, we dressed up teddies this week and it was a huge hit! Just about each class wrote a tweet about this as it was so much fun. Follow us on twitter @PEPSindonesian.

In groups, students chose a teddy and then a given number of clothing which they dressed their teddy in. The whole group then had to agree whether the clothing was terlalu besar, terlalu kecil atau pas.


terlalu besar!





terlalu kecil!

terlalu kecil!

Bridge Project – Connecting Australian Schools with Asia

Over the past 2 weeks, we hosted Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza, two teachers from North Sumatra, Indonesia. They had a wonderful time meeting us all and working in our classes. In September, Mrs Roberts and Bu Cathy will be visiting them and meeting their staff and students. We are really looking forward to it!!
Here are just a few of the things Pak Pahot & Ibu Eliza did while visiting our school and region:

IMG_9678Ibu Eliza helping Mrs Simon’s Reception class learn how to count to 5. Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima.

IMG_9686Teaching the year 6/7’s about the 7 Indonesian presidents.


IMG_9705teaching year 1’s and 2’s about native Indonesian fruits like durian and rambutan.

IMG_9698Students from Mrs Warners class tried a mystery skype with Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza to discover where exactly in Indonesia they came from. See here for more details.

IMG_9732Performed the traditional Totor dance at assembly which had us all spellbound.


IMG_9742Making book creator projects with Mr Blackers year 5 class.

IMG_9731joined in PE classes

IMG_9799Sampai Jumpa and terima kasih Pak Pahot dan Ibu Eliza.