Buddy Work in Indonesian Lessons

I just love watching students working collaboratively together and when the students ages and capabilities are very different, it is even more satisfying.
This week, junior primary classes are completing their becak models. A ‘becak’ is a form of transport found in many places in Indonesia (not Bali & Jakarta) and they are lots of fun to ride in. We are talking about them because the book R – 2 students have been reading this term, “Guru Kami Pak Budi” (Our Teacher, Mr. Budi),a book about the ways in which Pak Budi gets to school over the week his motor bike is ‘rusak’ (broken). He travels by becak, by horse and cart (delman), by car, by pushbike and even walks one day! All forms of transport were familiar, or are ones they had heard of at least, except for the becak.
Here is a picture of a becak:
20140701-130647-47207674.jpgimage courtesy http://yakinkan.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/abang_becak_by_liemp.jpg
As you can see, it is half bike and half carriage.

Over 2 weeks, students have coloured in their becak model



then this week we cut them out and constructed them
…..either independently (years 1-2)


…….or with help from their buddies (receptions).




A lovely way to complete the term!


7 thoughts on “Buddy Work in Indonesian Lessons

  1. Hi Bu Cathy,
    This lesson is so good. I am doing a unit on transport and wondering where do you get your becak model from? Thank you.

    • A friend gave me that worksheet! It’s awesome isn’t it. Are you on the Australian Indonesian teachers Facebook page? I could inbox you a copy if you like!

      • Hi Bu Cathy –
        I am wondering if you still have this worksheet?
        I would love for the children in my school to use this.

      • Sorry- I don’t. I did see a copy on the Indonesian teachers in Australia Facebook page – try asking there.

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