Astaga! What a Great Story!!

One of our Year 7 students,independently set herself some Indonesian homework!! How fantastic is that!! What an brilliant way to practice writing new Indonesian words and also Indonesian sentences!! Here is the vocabulary M used:

Here is the story she wrote all by herself at home, totally independently with absolutely no help! It was great to see that she used English where the Indonesian wasn’t known! Much better to do that than use an online dictionary which generally creates gobbledy gook and makes little sense!

Then, she completed another task – a listen and draw!! M drew a comic strip to illustrate the story!!

Bagus sekali M! Terima kasih for sharing it with us all!

2 thoughts on “Astaga! What a Great Story!!

  1. What a great reflection of the wonderful inspirational learning that inspires the students in your class. Congratulations M. on producing such quality work in Indonesian.

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