Astaga! What a Great Story!!

One of our Year 7 students,independently set herself some Indonesian homework!! How fantastic is that!! What an brilliant way to practice writing new Indonesian words and also Indonesian sentences!! Here is the vocabulary M used:

Here is the story she wrote all by herself at home, totally independently with absolutely no help! It was great to see that she used English where the Indonesian wasn’t known! Much better to do that than use an online dictionary which generally creates gobbledy gook and makes little sense!

Then, she completed another task – a listen and draw!! M drew a comic strip to illustrate the story!!

Bagus sekali M! Terima kasih for sharing it with us all!

Free Writes in Week 2

Last week, all middle and upper students practiced how to do a free write. Students were given 5 minutes to write non stop in Indonesian. They could write what ever they liked as long as they understood it. Many students chose to look around the room and copy down familiar words, but a few took the story we had focused on last week and either rewrote it from memory or used the story format to write an original story again from memory!
Free writes are a great way for me to assess student progress and if you look at the following you will agree, they are awesome!
Here are a selection of free writes beginning with a year 3 student and finishing with year 7’s. Ask your son/daughter to translate some of them:





IMG_9477I love the way the above student wrote a sentence structure and then focused on it! What great way to learn!!

IMG_9479I love how Harriet incorporated kenalkan vocabulary from previous years into her story!


Look how Illiana (above) added to the end of the story!



Miranda also took the structure and built on it using vocabulary from previous years! How awesome!

Look how Eli used dengan and suka!! Brilliant work Eli.

IMG_9504Georgia has used the story structure to rewritte an entirely original story! In 5 minutes!

IMG_9514Winter has used this opportunity to experiment with all the sentences and phrases she has learned over the primary years! How great is that!!

IMG_9516Look how the above student has spent the entire 5 minutes writing solidly incorporating all sorts of phrases and vocabulary!! Well done!

Indonesian Lessons in 2015

This year in Indonesian, I will be teaching using TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input). This method is gaining popularity very quickly around the world and particularly in America where their curriculum endorses that teachers must speak Indonesian (or French, Spanish in their case) for no less than 90% of each lesson.
Using TCI this year means that I will be teaching in a way which almost exactly replicates the process by which each child learned his/her first language. They will be in a language rich environment made understandable (comprehensible) through the use of body language, visual aids and with lots of repetition through mainly story based activities. Through this method, students will acquire a solid foundation of useful vocabulary and everyday language.
So that ALL students experience success learning and understanding Indonesian to a far greater level than was done previously, expectations in the Indonesian classroom will be strictly enforced. Students will be expected to be fully focused and attentive at all times during lessons. Thus it is vital that all students demonstrate respect; not just for their own learning and the learning of others but also towards their teacher! I will be a learner too this year!
It will be a very exciting year in the Indonesian classroom. As usual, visitors to the Indonesian classroom are always welcome, so feel free to pop in and join us for a lesson or three. Your child will love the chance to perform for you! If this isn’t an option but you would like to learn more about this method, then the following YouTube videos of Dianne Neubauer (a primary Chinese teacher) teaching her parents Chinese are brilliant.

A Taste of Lombok at PEPS

It was with delight I heard via Bu Annie (from Goolwa Primary) last week that the small group of staff and students from SMAK Mataram (Lombok) would be visiting our schools today.
Our feeder high school, Victor High School, has 2 sister schools; one from Java and one from Lombok. We just love it when we are invited to host their sister school visitors at the primary schools. While having adult Indonesian visitors is amazing and very popular with our students, hosting Indonesian students is, if you can believe it, even more popular. The Indonesian students, while high school aged (the youngest being 16 years), age was no barrier for them or us. They were such a hit. Walking around our school must have made them feel like superstars. Students constantly came up and both chatted and asked to be in the many photos!

The group spent the morning at Goolwa Primary and then after a lunch break headed to PEPS. They arrived during our lunch time and because they needed to be back at Victor Harbor in time for bus runs etc, there was only enough time for them to work with one of our classes.
Their visit began with a very quick introduction with our principal, before beginning a tour of our school so that they could get out and meet as many students as possible while having the chance to admire our site. The Lombok teachers looked amazing in their traditional clothing while their students wore a mixture of casual clothing, their own Lombok school uniform and the VHHS uniform! From the basketball court, we progressed towards the gym where the junior primary girls had been enjoying a variety of equipment in peace and quiet. Our arrival transformed the gym into a busy and loud space where SMAK Kasuma staff and students were welcomed warmly by the younger students and Mrs Roberts and encouraged to join in and try out some of the equipment.




IMG_8760.JPGOur tour stalled in the gymn because everyone was having so much fun.
After the bell rang, we headed off to the Indonesian classroom where Mrs Blake’s yr 3/4’s were waiting patiently. After a quick introduction to our visitors so as not to take up too much lesson time, the 3/4’s in pairs, grabbed an ipad and a SMAK student with the instruction that they had to make an iMovie trailer about their guest. Luckily this class had done quite a lot of work with iMovie’s in class last term, so our precious time wasn’t taken with app familiarisation.
It was lovely wandering around watching and listening to the students chatting together, collaborating their ideas and expertise on the projects.





Below are a couple of the finished and absolutely brilliant iMovie trailers. All participants had a ball working on these projects and everyone was so thrilled with the finished result.Click on the links below the photos to have a look at 2 of them. More will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned!



SMAK Kasuma’s visit finished with photos in front of our school with our year 4 class and our principal.


Geothermal Energy In Indonesia – Harnessing Volcanic Energy

What a fascinating topic! Indonesia has very recently changed legislation to cut the red tape currently needed for harnessing energy from volcanoes. Read this article about geothermal energy, how it is harnessed and how earthquakes surprisingly help geothermal plants.

IMG_8711.PNG Geothermal plant in Iceland

Indonesian Independence Day @ PEPS

Yesterday PEPS students were a riot of colour in their red and white to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day.








As usual with what is known at our school as a “casual day” (alternative dress to uniform), students donated a gold coin and yesterday we raised $84 for the Bale fundraiser. A bale (pronounced Barl – aye) is out outdoor structure found throughout Indonesia. In Bali it is called a Bale, in Java it is called a pendopo and in Lombok it is called a baruga. Each is very similar and yet also distinctly different. I hope to complete the fundraising for the Bale in 2015!!
Our Indonesian Independence Day was capped by a magnificent assembly totally organised and run by the Year 5 class. Here are some of them with their incredibly flexible and accommodating teacher, Mr Blacker:

This class have been planning the assembly in their Indonesian Language lessons over the past 3 weeks.

IMG_8676.JPGThey broke into committees and each did an amazing job organising the aspect for which they were responsible for. Luke, as their overall supervisor, truly rose to the challenge and demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. Here are a few photos from the assembly:





What a fantastic way to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day.

Exploring the Earth

This week junior primary classes are watching an ABC Splash video which nicely answers many of the questions students have asked me about volcanoes. Even though the video is aimed at upper primary, the narration and video were clear enough to appeal to younger students.

Yesterdays classes (Steele & Dorwood) found the answers to the following questions:
1. Is the Earth’c core molten?
2. How is magma forced up out of volcanoes?

Here is the link to the video. Watch it again and I hope you think of more questions!

The main question that arose from the year 1/2’s was:
1. How are volcanoes formed?
To discover why, that will be next weeks focus. Research it yourself and share with us all that you learned.

Can you identify the 4 main layers of our earth from the following picture? Which one is the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core?

image courtesy

Book Creator Projects – Bagus Sekali!!

Last term, middle primary students worked with the Book Creator app to make mini books about our school to share with our sister school in Jakarta. Book Creator is a terrific app that provides students with a really cool way to present their oral and written work. The app creates books but now that the book can be exported as a video, complete with any sound recorded by the author, the app is even more versatile.
Below are some of our first efforts using Book Creator in the Indonesian Classroom. We learned a lot about the app and look forward to using it again to make even more amazing projects.

The Drama Room by Lachy (Yr 3)

In The Indonesian Room by Charlie ( Yr 2)

Perpustakaan by Abbi & Sienna

Veggie Garden & Oval By Courtney & Bailey (Yr 3)

I Love Excursions by Shanae (Yr 3)