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This blog has been inactive for some time, but that is about to change!! Check here regularly because I will be adding all sorts of ways that you can both keep up your amazing Indonesian as well as make it even better!!

I am also looking for ways that we can stay in touch online, so start thinking of ideas. At this stage, I am definitely going to be making lots of story videos s and if you or your pet would like to star in the stories, check with your parents and stay tuned for information on how you can send me a photo safely. Here is a singing video I made using a photo of Jade & Zoe’s cat.

Sing by echoing each line and filling in the pauses.

Here is another video about Oscars cat (kucing).

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Indonesian Visitors

Last Thursday 5 classes were fortunate to have Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana join our lessons. Pak Yoedha lives locally and visiting him for a couple of weeks were his sister and his 10 year old niece. Pak Yoedha & Bu Dian are the first non teacher Indonesian adults to visit our school in a long while, if not ever! For the first 4 lessons, they joined in with the students and then for the last lesson, they taught us how to play bekel. It is a lot like knuckles but with the added complication of a ball!


The game is played with 6 ‘knuckles’ and a small boucing ball. It is very tricky with the complication of collecting the knuckles in the space of a bounce of a ball. Like knuckles, the knuckles are collected firstly singularly, then in pairs, then in multiples of three, four, five and finally six! image

A great way to finish off a lovely visit. We all agreed that we hope Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana come and visit us again when they are next in Australia!

Indonesian Independence Day @ PEPS

Yesterday PEPS students were a riot of colour in their red and white to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day.








As usual with what is known at our school as a “casual day” (alternative dress to uniform), students donated a gold coin and yesterday we raised $84 for the Bale fundraiser. A bale (pronounced Barl – aye) is out outdoor structure found throughout Indonesia. In Bali it is called a Bale, in Java it is called a pendopo and in Lombok it is called a baruga. Each is very similar and yet also distinctly different. I hope to complete the fundraising for the Bale in 2015!!
Our Indonesian Independence Day was capped by a magnificent assembly totally organised and run by the Year 5 class. Here are some of them with their incredibly flexible and accommodating teacher, Mr Blacker:

This class have been planning the assembly in their Indonesian Language lessons over the past 3 weeks.

IMG_8676.JPGThey broke into committees and each did an amazing job organising the aspect for which they were responsible for. Luke, as their overall supervisor, truly rose to the challenge and demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. Here are a few photos from the assembly:





What a fantastic way to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day.