Welcome to Online Indonesian Learning!

This blog has been inactive for some time, but that is about to change!! Check here regularly because I will be adding all sorts of ways that you can both keep up your amazing Indonesian as well as make it even better!!

I am also looking for ways that we can stay in touch online, so start thinking of ideas. At this stage, I am definitely going to be making lots of story videos s and if you or your pet would like to star in the stories, check with your parents and stay tuned for information on how you can send me a photo safely. Here is a singing video I made using a photo of Jade & Zoe’s cat.

Sing by echoing each line and filling in the pauses.

Here is another video about Oscars cat (kucing).

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Story Asking With Junior Primary


In Indonesian lessons, junior primary classes for the past few weeks have been making up stories based on vocabulary needed for our Twilight Pasar coming up in 2 weeks.

Mr Cordy’s year 1/2 class enjoyed filming each other with iPad’s. Enjoy watching their acting of the story they made up together! Haven’t they come a long way with their Indonesian?






Exploring the Earth

This week junior primary classes are watching an ABC Splash video which nicely answers many of the questions students have asked me about volcanoes. Even though the video is aimed at upper primary, the narration and video were clear enough to appeal to younger students.

Yesterdays classes (Steele & Dorwood) found the answers to the following questions:
1. Is the Earth’c core molten?
2. How is magma forced up out of volcanoes?

Here is the link to the video. Watch it again and I hope you think of more questions!

The main question that arose from the year 1/2’s was:
1. How are volcanoes formed?
To discover why, that will be next weeks focus. Research it yourself and share with us all that you learned.

Can you identify the 4 main layers of our earth from the following picture? Which one is the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core?

image courtesy http://store.schoolspecialty.com/OA_HTML/xxssi_ibeGetWCCImage.jsp?docName=F1600707&Rendition=Large