Bridge Project – Connecting Australian Schools with Asia

Over the past 2 weeks, we hosted Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza, two teachers from North Sumatra, Indonesia. They had a wonderful time meeting us all and working in our classes. In September, Mrs Roberts and Bu Cathy will be visiting them and meeting their staff and students. We are really looking forward to it!!
Here are just a few of the things Pak Pahot & Ibu Eliza did while visiting our school and region:

IMG_9678Ibu Eliza helping Mrs Simon’s Reception class learn how to count to 5. Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima.

IMG_9686Teaching the year 6/7’s about the 7 Indonesian presidents.


IMG_9705teaching year 1’s and 2’s about native Indonesian fruits like durian and rambutan.

IMG_9698Students from Mrs Warners class tried a mystery skype with Pak Pahot and Ibu Eliza to discover where exactly in Indonesia they came from. See here for more details.

IMG_9732Performed the traditional Totor dance at assembly which had us all spellbound.


IMG_9742Making book creator projects with Mr Blackers year 5 class.

IMG_9731joined in PE classes

IMG_9799Sampai Jumpa and terima kasih Pak Pahot dan Ibu Eliza.

A Taste of Lombok at PEPS

It was with delight I heard via Bu Annie (from Goolwa Primary) last week that the small group of staff and students from SMAK Mataram (Lombok) would be visiting our schools today.
Our feeder high school, Victor High School, has 2 sister schools; one from Java and one from Lombok. We just love it when we are invited to host their sister school visitors at the primary schools. While having adult Indonesian visitors is amazing and very popular with our students, hosting Indonesian students is, if you can believe it, even more popular. The Indonesian students, while high school aged (the youngest being 16 years), age was no barrier for them or us. They were such a hit. Walking around our school must have made them feel like superstars. Students constantly came up and both chatted and asked to be in the many photos!

The group spent the morning at Goolwa Primary and then after a lunch break headed to PEPS. They arrived during our lunch time and because they needed to be back at Victor Harbor in time for bus runs etc, there was only enough time for them to work with one of our classes.
Their visit began with a very quick introduction with our principal, before beginning a tour of our school so that they could get out and meet as many students as possible while having the chance to admire our site. The Lombok teachers looked amazing in their traditional clothing while their students wore a mixture of casual clothing, their own Lombok school uniform and the VHHS uniform! From the basketball court, we progressed towards the gym where the junior primary girls had been enjoying a variety of equipment in peace and quiet. Our arrival transformed the gym into a busy and loud space where SMAK Kasuma staff and students were welcomed warmly by the younger students and Mrs Roberts and encouraged to join in and try out some of the equipment.




IMG_8760.JPGOur tour stalled in the gymn because everyone was having so much fun.
After the bell rang, we headed off to the Indonesian classroom where Mrs Blake’s yr 3/4’s were waiting patiently. After a quick introduction to our visitors so as not to take up too much lesson time, the 3/4’s in pairs, grabbed an ipad and a SMAK student with the instruction that they had to make an iMovie trailer about their guest. Luckily this class had done quite a lot of work with iMovie’s in class last term, so our precious time wasn’t taken with app familiarisation.
It was lovely wandering around watching and listening to the students chatting together, collaborating their ideas and expertise on the projects.





Below are a couple of the finished and absolutely brilliant iMovie trailers. All participants had a ball working on these projects and everyone was so thrilled with the finished result.Click on the links below the photos to have a look at 2 of them. More will be uploaded soon, so stay tuned!



SMAK Kasuma’s visit finished with photos in front of our school with our year 4 class and our principal.


Book Creator Projects – Bagus Sekali!!

Last term, middle primary students worked with the Book Creator app to make mini books about our school to share with our sister school in Jakarta. Book Creator is a terrific app that provides students with a really cool way to present their oral and written work. The app creates books but now that the book can be exported as a video, complete with any sound recorded by the author, the app is even more versatile.
Below are some of our first efforts using Book Creator in the Indonesian Classroom. We learned a lot about the app and look forward to using it again to make even more amazing projects.

The Drama Room by Lachy (Yr 3)

In The Indonesian Room by Charlie ( Yr 2)

Perpustakaan by Abbi & Sienna

Veggie Garden & Oval By Courtney & Bailey (Yr 3)

I Love Excursions by Shanae (Yr 3)