Free Writes in Week 2

Last week, all middle and upper students practiced how to do a free write. Students were given 5 minutes to write non stop in Indonesian. They could write what ever they liked as long as they understood it. Many students chose to look around the room and copy down familiar words, but a few took the story we had focused on last week and either rewrote it from memory or used the story format to write an original story again from memory!
Free writes are a great way for me to assess student progress and if you look at the following you will agree, they are awesome!
Here are a selection of free writes beginning with a year 3 student and finishing with year 7’s. Ask your son/daughter to translate some of them:





IMG_9477I love the way the above student wrote a sentence structure and then focused on it! What great way to learn!!

IMG_9479I love how Harriet incorporated kenalkan vocabulary from previous years into her story!


Look how Illiana (above) added to the end of the story!



Miranda also took the structure and built on it using vocabulary from previous years! How awesome!

Look how Eli used dengan and suka!! Brilliant work Eli.

IMG_9504Georgia has used the story structure to rewritte an entirely original story! In 5 minutes!

IMG_9514Winter has used this opportunity to experiment with all the sentences and phrases she has learned over the primary years! How great is that!!

IMG_9516Look how the above student has spent the entire 5 minutes writing solidly incorporating all sorts of phrases and vocabulary!! Well done!