Indonesian Visitors

Last Thursday 5 classes were fortunate to have Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana join our lessons. Pak Yoedha lives locally and visiting him for a couple of weeks were his sister and his 10 year old niece. Pak Yoedha & Bu Dian are the first non teacher Indonesian adults to visit our school in a long while, if not ever! For the first 4 lessons, they joined in with the students and then for the last lesson, they taught us how to play bekel. It is a lot like knuckles but with the added complication of a ball!


The game is played with 6 ‘knuckles’ and a small boucing ball. It is very tricky with the complication of collecting the knuckles in the space of a bounce of a ball. Like knuckles, the knuckles are collected firstly singularly, then in pairs, then in multiples of three, four, five and finally six! image

A great way to finish off a lovely visit. We all agreed that we hope Pak Yoedha, Bu Dian & Zvana come and visit us again when they are next in Australia!