Skyping With Receptions

Ms Lacey’s class were sooo excited when they arrived for their lesson yesterday to hear that we would be Skyping their teacher who is currently holidaying in Bali.
We began by brainstorming for questions we could ask her. The questions began with, “Are you having fun?” & “Is it fun in Bali?” before eventually developing into questions about the weather, transport and what she has been doing.
As we had a bit of trouble initially connecting with Ms Lacey, I handed out the becak templates that we have been working on and this proved to be fortunate as towards the end of the session, the students got a little restless and it gave them something to focus on while still listening.
One by one, they came up to the camera and said hello and then either asked Ms Lacey their question or told her something about themselves.

We learned that she is in Amed at the moment and has been snorkeling where she saw lots of beautifully coloured fish and a blue starfish. Her transportation so far has included motorbikes and cars but hopefully will ride in a cidomo (horse & cart) later in the week. One morning, she watched the sunrise after a 3 hour climb up the volcano, Gunung Batur.
Ms Lacey has promised us photos upon her return!
At the end, we all said, “Sampai jumpa.” to each other.


Are you planning a visit to Bali?

Here are some words you will find very useful if planning to visit Bali for your next holiday! Indonesian people just love it when you use Indonesian and are so friendly and helpful.

So don’t be bashful; print off this check list and give it a go!!


I/me/my – saya

He/she – dia

They – mereka

You – anda/Bu/Pak


Berapa – How much/many

Cheap – murah

Expensive – mahal

Too – terlalu


Good morning – selamat pagi

Good midday (10am- 3pm) – selamat siang

Good afternoon (3pm – sunset)- selamat sore

Good night – selamat malam

Welcome – selamat datang


Many – banyak

A little – sedikit

All – semua


Thankyou – terima kasih

Excuse me – permisi

Sorry – maaf

You’re welcome – sama sama

Useful phrases

What is your name? – Siapa nama?

Where do you live? – Tinggal dimana?

How old are you? – Umur berapa?

My name is ….– Nama saya …..


1 – satu

2- dua

3- tiga

4 – empat

5 – lima

6 – enam

7 – tujuh

8 – delapan

9 – sembilan

10 – sepuluh

11 – sebelas

12 – dua belas

20 – dua puluh

100 – seratus

200 – dua ratus

1000 – seribu

2000 – dua ribu


Black – hitam

White – putih

Blue – biru

Green – hijau

Brown – coklat

Yellow – kuning

Purple – – ungu

Pink – merah mudah

Red – merah

Grey – abu abu


Food – makanan

To eat – makan

Drink – minuman

To drink – minum

Chicken – ayam

Fish – ikan

Pork – babi

Beef – sapi

Rice – nasi

Yellow rice – nasi kuning

Sweet soy sauce – kecap manis

Chili – cabe/lombok

Spicy – pedas

Water (to drink) – aqua

Ice – es

Bottle – botol

Useful words

May I – boleh saya

Good – baik/bagus

Not yet – belum

Already – sudah

Yes – ya

No – tidak/bukan