Draw & Guess – Storytelling in the Indonesian Classroom

In Indonesian this term we have been focusing on this story:

Ada perempuan.

Nama perempuan Lucy.

Lucy dingin.

Lucy tidak punya jaket.

Lucy mau pakai jaket.

Lucy lihat laki laki kecil.

Nama laki laki Will.

Will punya jaket tetapi jaket Will terlalu kecil.

Lucy lihat Pak Hudson.

Pak Hudson pakai jaket tetapi jaket Pak Hudson terlalu  besar.

Lucy lihat Jane.

Jane punya jaket dan jaket Jane pas.

Jane kasih Lucy jaket.

Lucy berkata, “Terima kasih Jane.”

Jane berkata, “Sama sama.”

Today a few students drew pictures either from this story or from their class’ adaptation of the story. Here are some of the drawings and can you guess which line from the story above they illustrate?











Here are a few from the tweaked stories:

Lucy mau anjing.

Lucy mau anjing.

Lucy mau anjing

Lucy mau anjing

Lucy kurang baik

Lucy kurang baik

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