Mystery Skype lesson

Learning is Fun in Room 501!

We were very lucky to do a mystery skype this week.  A mystery skype is where you connect with other people via skype and ask a range of questions to gather enough information to form an answer to the big question. We were able to skype Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot, who are two Indonesian teachers currently visiting Australia as part of the BRIDGE project. The students were asked to use maps and ask Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot a series of geographical questions to try and work out where they lived in Indonesia.

Each student greeted the two teachers and then introduced themselves in Indonesian, for example;

“Selemat siang Ibu Eliza dan Pak Pahot. Nama saya….Harry”

“Good morning Ibu Eliza and Pak Pahot. My name is …Harry”

They then went on to ask their question.  Some of the questions included;

Do you live in the Northern hemisphere?    Ya

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