Book Creator Projects – Bagus Sekali!!

Last term, middle primary students worked with the Book Creator app to make mini books about our school to share with our sister school in Jakarta. Book Creator is a terrific app that provides students with a really cool way to present their oral and written work. The app creates books but now that the book can be exported as a video, complete with any sound recorded by the author, the app is even more versatile.
Below are some of our first efforts using Book Creator in the Indonesian Classroom. We learned a lot about the app and look forward to using it again to make even more amazing projects.

The Drama Room by Lachy (Yr 3)

In The Indonesian Room by Charlie ( Yr 2)

Perpustakaan by Abbi & Sienna

Veggie Garden & Oval By Courtney & Bailey (Yr 3)

I Love Excursions by Shanae (Yr 3)


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