Skyping Our Sister School

Yesterday, 5/6 Roberts ‘Skyped’ a class from our sister school, Bakti Mulya 400, who are in Indonesia. It was a very exciting time for both PEPS and Bakti Mulya students. This is the first time (of hopefully many times) that we will have the chance to speak with students from our sister school.

Late last term, our school applied for (and won) a grant from the south Australian Government for $2000. The grant money is specifically for this purpose; i.e. establishing an e-partnership with our sister school. So we are off to a great start already!! With the money, 3 iPads have been purchased and these will be used in a variety of ways to interact and communicate with our sister school.

Even though it was our first time Skyping Bakti Mulya and there were many internet issues, students from both sites were still excited to have the opportunity to make contact with each other.

Here are some comments from our students:

It was fantastic to Skype our sister school today!

It was great to see what their classroom and uniform looks like!

Instead of speaking English, we spoke in Indonesian to our sister school!

It was fun listening to their English because we didn’t expect them to say stuff like ‘What’s up?’ and ‘I come in peace’!

It was brave of students to stand up and introduce themselves when they were so shy.

Even though the internet connection was tricky, it was still good to Skype another country.

I enjoyed see what they were wearing. It was interesting.



2 thoughts on “Skyping Our Sister School

  1. What a fantastic experience for our kids Bu Cathy. We are very lucky to have you a part of our school. You are a wealth of knowledge, especially after your experiences last year, and our students are benefiting from your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. I am so proud to work with you and love watching (and getting caught up in) your enthusiasm to try something new. Connecting with students outside our classroom is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • Thank you so much for these very kind words! However I need to add that my enthusiasm to try new things is largely due to your support and wealth of IT knowledge, without which I would be stumbling in the dark.

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