Sekolah – School

In preparing for approval of the new Australian Curriculum – Languages, which will have a strong push for greater spoken Indonesian within the classroom, students have been focusing on classroom phrases and vocabulary.
All students can answer, “Apa kabar?” (how are you?),
can say ‘terima kasih‘ (thank you),
sama-sama‘ (you are welcome)
and are now consolidating the phrases:

May I please borrow a (pencil/eraser/sharpener etc)
Boleh saya pinjam (pensil, penghapus, penyerut)

May I please go to the toilet?
Boleh saya ke w.c.?

May I please get a drink?
Boleh saya cari minuman?

Students have also been learning the vocabulary for objects commonly found in classrooms. We looked at some photos I took in the Indonesian classrooms I worked in last year to compare and contrast the similarities and differences. Students then labeled as many objects as they could!




4 thoughts on “Sekolah – School

  1. What a great idea Cathy! I will have to brush up on my Indonesian so I can use this in my classroom too! Love the photos – using real life context to bring language alive! Fantastic.

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