2013 – Year 5 At Central Market

A fantastic day at Central Market learning about Chinese and Indonesian language and culture. Lots of great memories.
Looking around inside the Food Court and the Food Plaza we discovered that there were far more Chinese food shops than any other nationality. Here we are standing outside one of them that had a great selection of food.
Here we are trying Taiwanese Bubble Tea.
We finished off with a wonderful lunch at Bali Corner. We could choose from nasi campur or gado gado.


The wonderful Bali Corner staff. The food here was enak sekali (delicious) and we really appreciated how they helped the students order their lunch in Indonesian. A fantastic experience for them.


Eating our lunch from Bali Corner in the Food Plaza. Cooper ordered sapi (beef) and said it was absolutely delicious.


The food court with us all eating our lunch.


Looking at a smart phone sold in a electronics shop at Central Market. Everything in this shop was in Chinese because the clientele is largely Chinese. Even the street signs (No Parking etc) outside were written in  both English and Chinese! We tried to interview the man working  here but unfortunately we ran out of time.

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