Junior Primary

Years 1 & 2 have been consolidating their knowledge of the major islands of Indonesia.



Students have amazed me with just how well they know the major islands and island groups. Here is what we have focused on:

Sumatera & Kalimantan are the only 2 islands in the world to have orangutans living wildly.


Sulawesi is well known for the unusual shaped houses built there.



Bali and Lombok are full of tourists


The maluku islands were known as the spice islands. Nutmeg and mace were once worth their weight in gold before refrigeration. The brown seed in the middle is nutmeg and the red lacy covering is mace.

nutmeg and mace

Papua is well known for the beautiful bird of paradise.

bird of paradise


Java has so many volcanoes that it is impossible to stand anywhere in Java and not be able to see one! This is the view from Bromo; people travel from all over the world to enjoy this incredible view.



The last island group is known as Nusa Tenggara and includes a tiny island called Komodo Island.



So many interesting things in Indonesia!


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